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Office of the Governor

Opportunity Funding

For the first time in Delaware, districts and charter schools are receiving weighted funding to better support the state’s most disadvantaged students. Working with the General Assembly, Governor Carney set aside $75 million over three years for English learners, low-income students and new mental health support in schools. This includes:


in Opportunity Funding


in Mental Health & Reading Support

2019-20 School Year

Direct to Schools

New Educators and Professionals Hired to Focus
on Low-Income and English Learner Students



Curriculum, Professional Development

Facilities, Programs

“High quality pre-kindergarten is one of the best investments we can make. It’s linked to fuller, richer lives for children and their families.”

- Kim Brancato, Appoquinimink Preschool Program and Preschool Labs Director

“We are already seeing a difference in our students.”

- Bridget Amory, Director of Student Learning, Milford School District

“The funding for this grant has allowed our school to implement a new multi-tiered support system that has resulted in tremendous growth for our children struggling with math and reading.”

- Denise Stouffer, Head of School, Providence Creek Academy in Clayton

District & Charter

Over the next three years, the Delaware Department of Education will work with district and school leaders, community representatives, families and educators to evaluate how districts and charters are using the Opportunity Funding and mental health/reading support, and to measure student progress. Learn more about how each district and charter school plans to use these funds.

District & Charter Overview

Map of State of Delaware with school districts marked with map pins
Graphic representing that there are 40 added mental health/reading support contracts
Graphic representing that there is $5 million alloted for FY2020 mental health services and/or reading support

Academia Antonia Alonso is hiring a truancy teacher, a counselor, two social-emotional specialists and tutors to support EL and low-income students. The charter is developing a six-week summer program for incoming kindergarten students. It is expanding trauma-PD and curriculum support for staff.
Academy of Dover is hiring two behavior interventionists, a counselor and a K-1 teacher focused on expanding literacy support for EL and low-income students.
Appo is expanding pre-k enrollment for EL and low-income students. The district will reach 60 more children by creating four additional pre-K classrooms at Brick Mill Elementary. Appo is also providing training and additional staff support for teachers serving EL students throughout the district.
Brandywine is expanding their social work staff to work with low-income and EL students and their families. That includes the additional of school culture and climate deans to work proactively with students on trauma-informed practices to reduce behavioral challenges. A pilot program in the district's Wilmington schools resulted in a significant decrease in behavioral incidents. Brandywine is also developing a pre-k program at Harlan Elementary as well as hiring an additional EL teacher, secondary literacy coordinator and two math coaches.

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Get Involved

Oversight Committee on Opportunity Funding

Governor Carney signed an executive order that established the Oversight Committee on Opportunity Funding to ensure that the initiative is achieving its goals to support low-income students, and English learners, and close achievement gaps in Delaware schools. This oversight committee will evaluate the effectiveness of the Opportunity Funding program, publish best practices, make recommendations on the future of the program, and ensure the public is aware of the steps that school districts and charter schools are taking to close achievement gaps.

Be engaged in this process. Attend one of the upcoming Opportunity Funding Advisory Committee Meetings.

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