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Expanding the Port of Wilmington

Governor Carney, Diamond State Port Corporation, and GT USA Wilmington finalized an agreement that will significantly expand the Port of Wilmington, create jobs, and lead to as much as $600 million of new investment at one of Delaware's most important job centers.

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Protecting DE's Coastal Waters and Economy

Protecting DE's Coastal Waters and Economy

Governor Carney signed two bipartisan pieces of legislation aimed at protecting Delaware's coasts from offshore drilling. These pieces of legislation will help maintain high-quality coastline waters and protect thousands of jobs supported by Delaware's coastal tourism industry. Learn more about Governor Carney's efforts to protect DE's coast from offshore drilling.

High-Needs Educator Student Loan Payment

High-Needs Educator Student Loan Payment

Governor Carney signed into law legislation that offers up to $10,000 in student loan relief for educators in high-needs schools and subject areas. Governor Carney called for passage of this legislation in his 2018 State of the State Address. The program will provide up to $2,000 of student loan assistance annually to educators who qualify, and educators may qualify for up to five years of assistance.

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About the Governor

Picture of John Carney, Delaware's Governor

Governor John Carney has been working to make Delaware a better place for more than 30 years.

Born in Wilmington and raised in Claymont, Governor John Carney has been working for the Delaware people for more than 30 years. John took office as Delaware’s 74th Governor in January 2017, focused on making Delaware’s economy more competitive, preparing Delaware’s children to succeed, and building a long-term sustainable financial plan for the State of Delaware. Working with Delawareans across the state, and with members of the General Assembly, he has made progress on each of those priorities. John has directed new resources to high-needs schools, partnered with the private sector to drive new job creation, and taken steps to lower healthcare costs for Delaware families, businesses, and taxpayers.