Office of the Governor

Traffic Safety


We have a crisis on our roadways. 

In 2022, Delaware tied its record high for traffic fatalities set in 1988 with 165 lives lost on our roadways.

Governor Carney, members of the General Assembly, the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), and the Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS) are addressing this issue with a multi-pronged effort that includes a package of traffic safety legislation.

Graphic representation of the traffic fatalities in Delaware

Graphic representation of a blue police car

Ongoing Efforts

  • Increased enforcement for speeding and distracted drivers
  • Increase multi-modal safety investments statewide
  • Increased enforcement of illegal truck parking
  • Wrong way driver pilot
  • Increased intersection safety measures: don’t block the box and red light running

Graphic representation of a blue police hat

Governor’s FY24 Recommended Budget

  • Plans to fund a Traffic Education and Enforcement Unit
    • 11 positions in the State Police, funded at $2.7 million from the Transportation Trust Fund
  • This new unit will patrol Delaware’s highest incident roadways to help curb excessive speeding and prevent accidents

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Legislative Action

  • Curb speeding and reckless driving
  • Require all riders to wear a helmet in their first two years of having a motorcycle endorsement
  • Require drivers to change lanes or reduce their speed while approaching stationary vehicles with lights or flares
  • Allow state owned and operated snow plows to use a revolving or flashing green light
  • Expand child safety seat requirements

Join us to keep Delaware’s roadways safe.


Legislative Proposals

Reckless Driving

Sponsored by Senator Hoffner & Representative Cooke

  • Speeding was a contributor to 26 fatal crashes in Delaware from 2020 – 2022.
  • This legislation would establish any speeding violation of 90 miles per hour or more as a Reckless Driving offense. Reckless Driving is a motor vehicle offense (not a criminal charge) punishable by a minimum $100 fine on first offense and a minimum $300 fine for each subsequent offense within 3 years. Some jail time is an option as well.
Open Container

Sponsored by House Majority Leader Longhurst & Representative Dukes

  • Alcohol was a factor in 26% of Delaware’s fatal crashes in 2021.
  • Delaware is one of just five states that has not prohibited open containers of alcohol in the passenger area of a vehicle.
  • Proposed legislation would ban open containers in passenger vehicles subject to a civil penalty which would not go on a driving record.
  • The bill would not affect buses, taxis and limousines, or the living quarter sections of motor homes or trailers. Uber and Lyft rules do not allow open containers in their vehicles.
Expanded 'Move Over' Law

Sponsored by Representative Carson, Senate Majority Whip Lockman, & Senator Hansen

  • In 2022, 13 people were killed in Delaware while in or near stopped vehicles.
  • This legislation would require drivers to change lanes or reduce their speed while approaching any stationary vehicle on the shoulder in the roadway displaying warning signals, including vehicle hazard warning lights, road flares, traffic cones, caution signs, or any non-vehicular warning signs.
  • Currently the move over law only applies to emergency vehicles or tow trucks.
Graduated Motorcycle Helmets

Sponsored by Senate President Pro Tempore Sokola, Representative Lynn, & Representative Short

  • Over the last five years, 35 motorcyclists were killed and 143 were seriously injured on Delaware roadways while not wearing helmets.
  • Helmets are currently only required to be worn in Delaware by those under 19 or during ones’ initial permit period.
  • This bill would require all riders to wear a helmet in their two years of having a motorcycle endorsement, when statistics show that 25% of serious injuries and fatal accidents occur among Delaware licensed motorcycles riders. This would only apply to new endorsements after the enactment date.
  • It would also extend the graduated helmet requirements and the new requirement to mopeds and tripeds.
Child Safety Seat Requirements

Sponsored by Senator Gay & Representative Griffith

  • A proposed revision to Delaware’s child safety seat requirements adds specificity to the law, which currently only requires an “appropriate” car seat or booster.
  • Children under two and under 30 pounds would need to be in a rear-facing seat with a 5 point-harness and those under 4 and under 40 pounds would need to be in either a front- or rear-facing seat with a 5 point harness.
  • From ages 4-16, use a booster to the maximum height and weight limits, then use a seatbelt.
  • Enforcement would not take place until after a year-long awareness campaign.
Snow Plow Lights

Sponsored by Senator Mantzavinos & Representative Carson

  • Legislation would allow state-owned and operated snow plows to use revolving or flashing green lights.
  • Green lights have been found to be better seen in snowy conditions than white or amber lights due to the increased contrast, and have been adopted for plows in recent years by states including Michigan and Ohio.