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District & Charter Spending

Over the next three years, the Delaware Department of Education will work with district and school leaders, community representatives, families and educators to evaluate how districts and charters are using the Opportunity Funding and mental health/reading support, and to measure student progress. Learn more about how each district and charter school plans to use these funds.

District & Charter Overview



Academia Antonia Alonso is hiring a truancy teacher, a counselor, two social-emotional specialists and tutors to support EL and low-income students. The charter is developing a six-week summer program for incoming kindergarten students. It is expanding trauma-PD and curriculum support for staff.

Academy of Dover is hiring two behavior interventionists, a counselor and a K-1 teacher focused on expanding literacy support for EL and low-income students.

Appo is expanding pre-k enrollment for EL and low-income students. The district will reach 60 more children by creating four additional pre-K classrooms at Brick Mill Elementary. Appo is also providing training and additional staff support for teachers serving EL students throughout the district.

Brandywine is expanding their social work staff to work with low-income and EL students and their families. That includes the additional of school culture and climate deans to work proactively with students on trauma-informed practices to reduce behavioral challenges. A pilot program in the district’s Wilmington schools resulted in a significant decrease in behavioral incidents. Brandywine is also developing a pre-k program at Harlan Elementary as well as hiring an additional EL teacher, secondary literacy coordinator and two math coaches.

Caesar Rodney is creating four afterschool learning centers focused on helping EL and low-income students – at Stokes, Fifer, Postlewait, and CR High School. CR is hiring two school/family liaisons and expanding mental health support for all students. The district is also hiring a district language coordinator and two EL teachers as well as increasing the number of dual-certified EL teachers. District pre-k teachers will receive additional PD in early literacy.

Campus Community is hiring three instructional paras for low-income and EL students. It is providing EL certification to its special services coordinator.

Cape Henlopen is developing summer academies for EL and low-income students who are not reading on grade level. The district is creating a parent academy to engage families of pre-k EL and low-income students in literacy instruction. Cape is hiring an instructional specialist and two EL teachers at Cape Henlopen High School. The district is focusing on trauma-informed training and equity and cultural awareness training for staff.

Capital is hiring two new EL teachers and nine licensed, clinical social workers to work directly with students across the district. Capital is also a technical language specialist to work directly with EL and low-income students in Career and Technical Education (CTE).

Charter of New Castle is hiring an assistant principal of instruction and an instructional coach to expand support for EL and low-income students.

Charter School of Wilmington is focusing on training educators to better understand trauma and stress, and will add a part-time reading specialist.

Christina is hiring four additional EL teachers and partnering with Wilmington University to provide tuition support for teachers seeking EL certifications. The district is hiring 12 social workers, an EL parent liaison, 10 curriculum specialists and eight instructional coaches. Christina is expanding its math and reading intervention materials. It is creating a pre-k Summer Enrichment Program for EL and low-income students residing in the City of Wilmington. The district is also offering summer literacy instruction at three schools with the highest EL and low-income student populations in the district and a home libraries program for city students.

Colonial is creating an Imagine Language and Literacy program to provide personalized instruction for EL and low-income students. The district is partnering with Communities in Schools and Tyler’s Camp programming to support EL and low-income students and their families in pre-k and middle school. The district is hiring additional school-based EL staff, a behavior coach, two counselors and a homeless caseworker to work with families facing housing challenges. Colonial is hiring eight reading tutors and four reading interventionists, and expanding reading and math intervention programs at William Penn High School. The district is providing trauma-informed classroom training to staff and hiring a restorative practices coach.

Delmar is expanding reading support and investing in new technology – including laptops, SMART boards, and digital-based instructional tools – to assist in personalized instruction for low-income and EL students.

Early College High School is partnering with Communities in Schools to expand support to EL and low-income students.

East Side is hiring a social worker to support low-income and EL students, and investing in social-emotional learning curricula.

Edison Charter School is hiring a trauma counselor and two behavior interventionists to support low-income and EL students. The charter is hiring two reading teachers and investing in new technology, including student laptops and iPads as well as Smartboards.

First State Military is hiring an educator to focus on academic support for low-income and EL students.

First State Montessori is hiring an EL teacher for struggling readers in grades K-1

Freire is hiring a director of curriculum and instruction

Gateway Lab is expanding its student screening to identify low-income and EL students who need early intervention. The charter is hiring an engagement coordinator and investing in an English language arts (ELA) hip-hop program for struggling students.

Great Oaks is hiring a school psychologist trained in behavioral intervention.

Indian River is hiring 15 new interventionists and teachers as well as four counselors in schools with the highest percentages of EL and low-income students. The district is expanding its online math and reading intervention programs for students. It is hiring two family and school liaisons to help families make connections with resources in the community. The district is also developing after-school programming focused on math and reading instruction and increasing the number of its staff certified to teach ELs.

Kuumba is hiring two counselors, a reading coach and a dean of students focused on reducing suspensions for low-income and EL students.

Lake Forest is hiring six new teachers and paraprofessionals as well as an EL interpreter who will work directly with EL and low-income students. The district is expanding tutoring at schools with the highest percentages of EL and low-income students.

Las Americas Aspira is hiring a trauma specialist, a school counselor and two EL teachers.

Laurel is hiring behavioral health and reading specialists, a new pre-k teacher at North Laurel Early Learning Academy and a new EL teacher at Laurel Elementary.

Milford is creating after-school Academic Learning Centers at Banneker, Mispillion, and Ross elementary schools. The district is hiring three EL teachers, two reading interventionists, a counselor and a student/family interventionist. Milford is creating a summer camp for identified low-income and EL students in K-5. The district is also expanding the number of its dual-certified EL teachers and providing outreach to local pre-k programs to help students better prepare for kindergarten.

MOT Charter is hiring a full-time psychologist.

NCC Vo-Tech is investing in extra after-school time for struggling low-income and EL students. The district is hiring an EL teacher, a parent and community engagement coordinator at Hodgson Vo-Tech, and a student support counselor at Howard High School.

Newark Charter is hiring a reading specialist to focus on low-income and EL students.

Polytech is hiring a student services specialist to provide low-income and EL students with home-based teaching services and coordinate services for families in need.

Positive Outcomes is investing in trauma-informed school resources and training.

Providence Creek is hiring a dean of academics to support low-income and EL students.

Red Clay is investing in new targeted staffing for EL and low-income students with the goal of reducing class sizes and increasing individualized, high-quality instruction. The district is providing after-school programs for struggling students and adopting a new English language arts (ELA) social-emotional learning curriculum. Red Clay is hiring three reading specialists, ten behavioral health personnel, and expanding mental health services at high-needs elementary schools.

Seaford is hiring four reading interventionists and eight reading paraprofessionals to focus on elementary reading instruction. It is hiring a district-level instructional support specialist and two instructional deans for Seaford Middle and Seaford High schools.

Smyrna is investing in K-3 literacy intervention focused on increasing third grade reading proficiency among EL and low-income students. The district is expanding after-school tutoring, family engagement events and literacy opportunities for EL and low-income students. Smyrna is providing staff with enhanced teacher training and coaching as well as additional training in trauma-responsive classrooms, equity and cultural competency, and restorative practices.

Sussex Academy is hiring a paraprofessional and investing in instructional resources to support EL and low-income students.

Sussex Tech is hiring a reading specialist to work with EL and low-income students.

Woodbridge is hiring four new teachers and paraprofessionals to support EL and low-income students. The district is partnering with Communities in Schools to provide four counselors/school-family liaisons throughout the district. Woodbridge will offer translation services for EL families and well as resources for new EL students. The district is also investing in trauma-informed PD for teachers and additional technology for EL and low-income students.