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DOVER, Del. – Governor John Carney delivered his 2024 State of the State address to a joint session of the General Assembly, announcing plans to strengthen our economy, invest in education, protect the environment, and responsibly manage taxpayer dollars. 

“It’s hard to believe – but this is my last State of the State Address as Governor. I think it’s worth a little reflection on what we’ve accomplished together and on our unfinished business,” Governor Carney said, noting the following achievements:

  • We’ve helped create more than 30,000 new jobs since 2017. 
  • For the first time in Delaware history, we’ve provided funding dedicated for low-income students and English learners in our public schools.
  • We’ve given teachers a big raise.
  • For three years running, we’ve implemented the largest infrastructure plan in state history. That means good jobs — building new schools, safer roads and bridges, and connecting Delawareans to the internet, up and down the state. 
  • We’ve kept our fiscal house in order. We turned a $400 million budget deficit in 2017 to $400 million in reserves.
  • We’re supporting an economic resurgence in downtown Wilmington.
  • We’ve provided paid leave for Delaware families – and raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour. 
  • We’re building more affordable housing units – so Delaware families have a safe place to call home.
  • We’ve reduced crime, and our prison population is down nearly 24 percent.

The following are excerpts from Governor Carney’s address:


“No issue is more important to our state’s future than the quality of Delaware’s public schools. I’ve spent a lot of time the last seven years focused on strengthening our schools. Especially for children who need our help the most.  I know Senator Sokola and many others have been leaders on this issue over the years. Together, we created Opportunity Funding. A program that provides additional funding for low-income students and English learners. Our budget increases funding for this program to $63 million. I can assure you that it’s making a real difference.”


“My budget continues our investments in job creation. In the Strategic Fund, Site Readiness, in Graduation Lab Space, and our Transportation Infrastructure Investment Fund. We will not lose the competition with other states for good jobs. We also have our eye on the future of Delaware’s economy. My budget again includes additional funding for the federal research projects, NIIMBL and SABRE, at the STAR campus at the University of Delaware. Both projects will build on Delaware’s strong foundation in science and technology. They will attract more high-quality workers to Delaware and spur innovation and business development.”


“If we want to keep good jobs and workers in Delaware, we need to make sure families feel safe in their communities. I know fighting gun violence has been a shared priority. Over the past seven years, we’ve banned assault weapons, bump stocks and high-capacity magazines. We’ve passed red flag laws and prevented straw purchases. This year, we’ll take another big step forward and pass the permit to purchase law.”

Group Violence Intervention

“Inside the administration, we’ve spent a lot of time on what we call Group Violence Intervention – or GVI. We started GVI in Wilmington and have expanded the program to Dover. Here’s the truth: it’s a very small number of people who are committing the vast majority of gun violence in these communities. They are part of groups that fight with one another. Through GVI, we are directly engaging with those individuals and the gangs and groups they’re part of. We’re demanding that they put down their guns. If they do, we will offer job training and other social services. For those who choose the path of violence, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”


“In December, we began negotiations with offshore wind developer US Wind to bring significant benefits to our state. And to take an active leadership role in offshore wind development. Under terms of the agreement, US Wind would bring wind energy into Delaware. We expect the agreement to bring more than $100 million in benefits to our state without raising rates. Those benefits include funding for workforce development. For dredging projects and for projects to mitigate the effects of climate change in our State Parks. Over the next several months, I hope you’ll join me in taking another big step forward. We are pursuing legislation that will make Delaware more of an active player in offshore wind. It will allow us to directly purchase wind-generated renewable energy. And to explore partnerships with states in our region.”

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