Office of the Governor

COVID-19 Relief & Support

Governor Carney announced several initiatives to support Delaware families, Delaware workers, and Delaware small businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

View Delaware Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) SubProgram Payments through January 2023

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TOTAL Coronavirus Relief Fund Spend – $1,058.4 million 


Support to Individuals, Businesses and Non-Profits — $814.6 million (77% of funds) as follows:

Unemployment Insurance Support:  $246.5 million

Small Business Grants:   $194.1 million

Childcare Programs:     $135.7 million

COVID Testing and Tracing — $124.2 million (12% of funds) as follows:

Medical, Equipment and Testing Supplies:  $100.5 million

Contact Tracing and PPE:      $23.7 million

Government Agency COVID Costs — $119.6 million (11% of funds as follows):

State Employee and Retiree Healthcare:   $56.2 million