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Trauma Awareness Month

Trauma Awareness Month - DE

This May, Delaware will launch and host events, in partnership with public and private partners, in honor of the state’s inaugural Trauma Awareness Month.


In October 2018, Governor Carney signed Executive Order 24, making Delaware a trauma-informed state. The Executive Order directs the Family Services Cabinet Council to develop tools for training state employees and community partners on the impact of exposure to ACEs, to promote ACE awareness, and to improve services and interventions for children and families exposed to trauma. The Family Services Cabinet Council is leading efforts to ensure that Delaware becomes a trauma-informed state by promoting a Trauma Awareness Month in Delaware. 


The Family Services Cabinet Council will create a calendar promoting trauma-related events held during Trauma Awareness Month (May 2019). Join us in planning for this month of awareness-raising events by participating in our Steering Group. Meetings will take place the third Wednesday, February 20, and Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Check the public meeting calendar for meeting location and details, including call-in access. We’d love to add your trauma-informed event to our May calendar!

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Submit event ideas to be considered for our Trauma Awareness Month Calendar using the submission form below. Already have an event scheduled in May? You can submit the event details using this form. Final event selection for the May 2019 Trauma Awareness Month calendar will be determined by the Governor’s Office.

Submit your events and event ideas by March 15, 2019. 

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