Office of the Governor

2024 Legislative Wrap Up

This year, Governor Carney worked with the General Assembly to pass legislation aimed at making our communities safer, protecting our environment, and giving every Delaware child a high-quality education. 

On June 30th, 2024, Governor Carney signed a balanced $6.1 billion operating budget that sustainably and responsibly manages taxpayer dollars.  

Governor Carney at the podium delivering 2024 State of the State Address.


Action Taken



Support for K-12 education and child care.

  • Increasing Opportunity Funding by $10 million to a total of $63 million, dedicated to supporting students who need our help the most
  • Investing $26.1 million to build on historic public education compensation increases
  • Passing HB 200, increasing mental health supports for high schools
  • Funding a new team of statewide reading coaches
  • Creating more ECAP early childhood seats and increasing eligibility for Purchase of Care to serve more children
Environment and Renewable Energy

Protecting Delaware’s natural heritage for future generations. 

  • Passing SB 265, which allows the state to prepare for the procurement of offshore wind 
  • Passing HB 9 to transition the state fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2040
  • Strengthening the state’s electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Preserving aglands and open space
  • Investments in clean water and wastewater management and shoreline and waterway resiliency


Community Safety

Protecting communities from gun violence:

  • Passing SB 2 to strengthen the process to purchase handguns
  • Passing HB 311 to designate college and university campuses as Safe School Zones, where it is a felony to possess a firearm
  • Passing HB 270 that outlines the storage of ammunition in stores to prevent theft
  • Passing HB 155 to apply safe storage laws to firearms in vehicles
Economic Development and Responsible Spending

Passing a balanced budget that continues investments in Delaware’s schools, workforce, and environment.

  • Governor Carney signed a $6.1 billion Fiscal Year 2025 operating budget for the State of Delaware that continues investments in Delaware’s public schools, workforce, and environment
  • Governor Carney signed a $168 million one-time supplemental appropriation 
  • Governor Carney signed a $98.4 million grants-in-aid legislation 
  • Governor Carney signed a $1.1 billion Capital budget
  • The General Assembly passed SB 270, codifying the Budget Stabilization Fund
Health Care Quality

Diamond State Hospital Review Board

  • Passing HB 350 to address rising health care costs and create the Diamond State Hospital Review Board


Other session highlights

Connecting with Delawareans from every corner of our state

  • Recognizing Delaware’s role in desegregating schools during the 70th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision. 
  • Joining legislators, advocates, and Delawareans to commemorate Black History Month, Pride Month, World Down Syndrome Day, Month of the Military Child, and more with proclamation signings. 
  • Welcoming state champion sports teams, teachers of the year, health care professionals, community organizations, and state employees to Legislative Hall for recognition.

Lt. Governor Hall Long, Director of Delaware Public Archives, and Governor Carney hold the Pride Month proclamation.

Governor Carney holds up bill from behind his desk. legislators and advocates applaud behind him.

Governor Carney smiles with attendees in front of the Brown v. Board monument at the dedication ceremony.

Governor Carney and a member of easter seals give a thumbs up.

We’ve done a lot this legislative session to move our state forward,” said Governor Carney. “We’ve taken action to make our communities safer, protect our environment, and continue to invest in our students and educators. I’m proud that our budget makes these important investments and is also sustainable.  I want to thank the General Assembly for their hard work and partnership this session.”

Governor Carney stands with two education support professionals.

Governor Carney holds up a bill from behind his desk. Advocates and legislators wear orange to show support of gun safety.

Governor Carney smiles while holding the stack of budget bills.

Governor Carney and advocates laugh together during a proclamation signing.