The Governor’s Staff

Our Team

Sheila Grant, Chief of Staff

Albert Shields, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy

Angela Akumiah, Staff Assistant

Romain Alexander, Senior Policy Advisor

Alonna Berry, Policy Advisor & Statewide Trauma-Informed Care Coordinator

John Cohill, Correspondence Manager & Constituent Relations Assistant

Natalie Criscenzo, Director of Legislative Affairs

Jennifer Fitzsimmons, Senior Constituent Relations Liaison

Danielle Gibbs, Chief Legal Counsel

Emily David Hershman, Director of Communications

Kristy Huxhold, Woodburn Administrator

Lori James, Director of Boards & Commissions

Michelle Jewell, Program Analyst

Saundra Johnson, Director of Statewide Equity Initiatives

Grace Kelley, Deputy Director of Boards & Commissions

Laura Kelly, Office Assistant

Matthew Lintner, Deputy Legal Counsel

Tara Mazer, Director of Operations & Scheduling

Jocelyn Mendez, Associate Legal Counsel

Bradley Mozeik, Woodburn Executive Housekeeper

Crystal Nickerson, Woodburn Executive Chef

Amanda Nieves, Associate Legal Counsel

Najah Odrick, Staff Assistant

Greg Patterson, Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator

Melissa Pongnon, Staff Assistant, Family Services Cabinet Council and Office of Statewide Equity Initiatives

Charles Quimby, Policy Aide & Communications Coordinator

Nayely Rojas, Staff Assistant

Jon Sheehan, Special Assistant to the Governor

Mary Thatcher, Deputy Scheduling Director/Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff/Policy Aide

Sarah Venables, Senior Constituent Relations Liaison

Jessica Borcky Weinberg, Director of Digital Government and Senior Advisor to the Governor

Sherine White, Office Manager