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Governor Carney’s FY 2020 Budget

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#BudgetDE: Watch Governor Carney’s Budget Presentation for Fiscal Year 2020. 

Download the budget presentation and follow along.

“We presented a responsible budget plan that makes investments to improve our economy, strengthen our public schools, and protect Delaware’s unique quality of life. This plan makes significant investments in our schools to help low-income children and English learners succeed and make progress in closing our opportunity gap. We’ll also continue to make important one-time investments in environmental protection, and our infrastructure. And we are proposing to set aside $92 million in savings, to help prepare for years when our revenue trends downward. This is a balanced, responsible plan that I look forward to discussing with members of the General Assembly.” – Governor John Carney


Key proposals in Governor Carney’s financial plan:

Strengthening Delaware’s Economy

  •  Strategic Fund: $12.5 million for job creation incentives administered by the Division of Small Business
  • Research Collaborations: $8.6 million to support research collaborations at the University of Delaware and Delaware State University that leverage significant federal investment
  • Delaware Prosperity Partnership: $2 million to support the Delaware Prosperity Partnership, which markets Delaware to businesses. Private contributors have raised more than $1 million to match public funding
  • Higher Education Economic Development Fund: $15 million to support investments and economic development initiatives at higher education institutions
  • Transportation Infrastructure Investment Fund: $10 million to improve public infrastructure to support job-creating economic development projects
  • Capital Transportation Plan: $3.2 billion through 2025 to modernize Delaware’s transportation system

Improving Our Schools for all Delaware Children

  • Opportunity Funding: $60 million over three years will be devoted to weighted funding for low-income students and English learners
  •  Investing in Educators:
    •  $20 million – 2% pay increase for public school educators and $1,000 flat increase for non-educators
    • $500,000 – Expand the High Needs Educator Student Loan Payment Program
  • Investing in the Classroom:
    • $1 million – Yearlong residencies to prepare incoming teachers and improve retention in high-needs schools
    • $850,000 – DE Literacy Plan – statewide professional development and instructional supports
    • $560,000 – Additional middle school math coaches
  • Partnering with Higher Education:
    • $15 million – Funding for the Higher Education Economic Development Investment Fund to supplement investments that Delaware’s institutes of higher education are making to improve job growth and economic development in the State

Protecting Our Quality of Life

  • Open Space and Farmland Preservation: $20 million to continue investments to preserve open space and farmland across Delaware
  • Clean Water: $10 million in state funding to help upgrade clean water and drinking water infrastructure
  • Beach Preservation: $5 million in state investments to leverage additional federal funding
  • Addressing the Drug Use Epidemic: $1.8 million for continued support of the recommendations of the Behavioral Health Consortium
  • Ensuring Continued Access to Care for Our Children: $3.2 million in additional funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to offset the cut in federal share
  • Assisting Seniors with Maintaining their Health: $1.8 million for Aging services volume growth
  • Supporting our Non-Profit Service Providers: $2 million for an increase for those vendors serving adults with disabilities and $3.8 million for a Purchase of Care provider increase

Long-Term Financial Sustainability

  • Based on Executive Order 21, the amount available for the operating budget is calculated based on an index relative to the overall economy to help reduce budget volatility. Any revenue above the index will be directed to one-time investments and savings. Governor Carney has recommended setting aside $92.1 million over and above constitutional limits on appropriations, and limiting operating budget growth to 3.8 percent, the appropriation benchmark calculated by the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council.

Investing in Our Workforce

  • Investing in State Employees: $1,000 pay increase for State and district/charter non-educator employees
  • Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees: $150,000 for the First State Quality Improvement Fund and $85,000 for recruitment and retention efforts
  • Investing in our Workplaces:
    • $2.8 million for Carvel State Office Building improvements and renovations
    • $5 million for the deferred maintenance backlog in state facilities
    • $1.5 million for renovations to the Jesse Cooper Building
    • $850,000 for elevator replacement at the Leonard L. Williams Justice Center
  • Investments in High-Needs Areas:
    • Department of Services for Children, Youth & Their Families: $2.9 million to add 34 new caseworkers in the Division of Family Services to bolster child welfare investigations
    • Department of Labor: $798,400 to add 9 new staff members in the Labor Law Enforcement section and in the Anti-Discrimination section

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