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Office of the Governor

Compassionate Champion Award


The purpose of the Compassionate Champion Award is to recognize outstanding achievement by both individuals and organizations in providing trauma-informed services. Delaware is committed to ensuring that environments that serve children and adults in our state are working to embody these practices of trauma-informed care:

creating respectful, sensitive, and culturally competent environments;

implementing evidence-based trauma-informed principles and practices that address the effects associated with trauma;

developing a common language and framework for dialogue and discussion to enhance communication and progress along the continuum of trauma-informed care;

increasing the effectiveness and responsiveness of all services and assistance provided to Delawareans, especially children and adults who have experienced traumatic circumstances.

The award is based on the criteria in the Delaware Developmental Framework for Trauma-Informed Care. It is important to note that progressing through the continuum from one level to the next will take time and cannot be accomplished through one activity. This award recognizes those individuals or organizations that have taken steps toward providing services in a manner consistent with trauma-informed care.


Eligibility/Supplemental Information

  • Any individual, community organization, first responder, educational institution, health care professional or institution, or government agency providing services to Delaware’s citizens within the State of Delaware is eligible for nomination.
  • Nominees may nominate themselves or be nominated by other individual(s).
  • Nominees selected as award winners will be recognized through the press and at an awards ceremony (announced at a later date).
  • Nominees’ names, photos, and nominator contact information will be made available for use to media and through various State of Delaware social media sites, unless the Governor’s Office receives written notification stating otherwise.


Award Categories

Government – agency, division, team, workgroup, or individuals of State of Delaware, county, or municipal governmental agencies/organizations.

Community Organizations – non-profit or for-profit organizations providing support services to individuals, families, and communities. For example, this category includes faith-based organizations, organizations serving individuals with disabilities, homeless services, veteran services, elderly, and crisis intervention.

First Responders – organizations such as fire, law enforcement, Victim Services and EMT.

Education (P-20) – universities, colleges, school districts, schools, early childhood centers, daycare centers, including institutions, administration, teachers and students.

Health Care – agencies, providers, hospitals, or individuals providing trauma-informed care to service recipients.

Other – organizations that may not fit within the categories above.

Nomination Form

Submit nomination form by 5:00 p.m. on April 29, 2022.


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