Office of the Governor

Executive Order 31


WHEREAS, the policy of the State is to promote harmonious and cooperative relations among the State, its employees, and the labor organizations that represent many State employees for collective bargaining and other related purposes; and

WHEREAS, labor-management cooperation contributes to improvements in public services and promotes cost and operational efficiencies in a manner beneficial to both the public and State employees; and

WHEREAS, a statewide approach to issues of mutual interest is necessary to successfully meet the changing workplace and challenges of the twenty-first century; and

WHEREAS, forums designed to promote shared commitments, the quality of work life, service-oriented partnerships and means of accommodating internal differences of interests between labor and management must, of necessity, include the participation and voice of non-unionized employees.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOHN C. CARNEY, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby DECLARE and ORDER the following:

1. The Statewide Labor-Management Committee (“LMC”) is hereby reestablished and reconstituted. The LMC shall consist of nine (9) members as follows:

a. The Secretary of the Department of Human Resources or a designee appointed by the Secretary to serve in her stead and at her pleasure;

b. Four (4) state employee union labor representatives, who will be recommended by various labor organizations and appointed by the Governor;

c. Four (4) state agency management employee representatives, who will be recommended by various agency cabinets and appointed by the Governor.

2. The Secretary or designee of the Department of Human Resources shall serve as a Co-Chair and vote only as needed to break a tie. The Governor shall appoint the other Co-Chair from among the union labor representative members, who will serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

3. Governor-appointed members shall be appointed for a term of up to three (3) years in order to ensure that no more than three (3) members’ terms expire in a year.

4. Members who miss three (3) consecutive meetings may be assumed to have resigned and the Governor may accept their resignation.

5. The LMC shall review all proposed changes to the Merit Rules, and shall consider such other aspects of public employment within the State of Delaware with the goal of producing and promoting service-oriented partnerships in the public interest, the quality of work life, and other ventures designed to benefit the public, the State and its employees.

6. The LMC shall develop written Operational Guidelines that specifically address its mission, structure, responsibilities, procedures and obligations. Such Guidelines shall be approved by a consensus of the LMC members.

7. Executive Order Number Thirty, issued by Governor Minner and dated March 28, 2002, is hereby rescinded.

APPROVED this 21st day of February 2019.


John C. Carney

Secretary of State


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