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Office of the Governor

Governor Carney Announces “Budget Reset” Community Conversations

Governor will solicit public ideas to address budget challenges

DOVER, Del. – Governor John Carney on Thursday announced plans to meet and engage with members of the public on Delaware’s budget challenges during a series of “Budget Reset” Community Conversations.

Together with members of the General Assembly, Governor Carney will listen to ideas from Delawareans on how to address Delaware’s structural budget challenges. The first schedule of Conversations is listed below. Members of the public can also offer ideas online.

“It’s time to solve Delaware’s budget challenges — we need to stop kicking the can down the road,” said Governor Carney. “My team will work with Democrats and Republicans in the General Assembly on a long-term budget solution. But we must also listen to members of the public, and gather ideas from Delawareans who balance budgets every day at home and in their businesses. I look forward to the Conversations and encourage all Delawareans to contribute their ideas.”

“Unlike many other states, Delaware always produces a balanced budget, even when it’s difficult work,” said Senate President Pro Tempore David B. McBride. “But we also have a proud tradition of talking – and more importantly listening – to our constituents, getting their good ideas and sharing our own as we craft complex, but critical policy for our state. I want to thank the Governor for his willingness to have these important conversations with Delawareans and believe the final budget we consider in June will better reflect the public’s wishes as a result.”

“Having done constituent coffees for almost 17 years in a row, I’m happy to have Governor Carney be the first Governor to join us for coffee and conversation!” said Senate Minority Whip Greg Lavelle.

“We can’t solve these budget problems in Dover alone,” said Representative Paul Baumbach, (D-Newark). “We have to get out into the community to discuss solutions and listen to one another, and these dialogues that Gov. Carney is planning will help move Delaware forward.”

IDEAS: Delawareans can visit or email to contribute their ideas on the budget.


January 30 – Timothy’s on the Riverfront, Wilmington, with Representative Stephanie T. Bolden

February 15 – Drip Café, Hockessin, with Senator David Sokola

February 21 – Drip Café, Hockessin, with Senator Greg Lavelle

February 22 – Downtown Dover Partnership, Dover, with Senator Brian Bushweller

February 22 – TELE-TOWN HALL

March 1 – Nanticoke Senior Center, Seaford, with Representative Daniel Short

April 5 – Café Gelato, Newark, with Representative Paul Baumbach

*We will follow up with details and additional dates as more Conversations are added.