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Note: This page is part of the Governor's News Archive, which holds press releases from January 2009 through September 2011. Since October 2011, recent news can be found in the Newsroom and archived news is available at

January 26, 2011

Governor Markell: State of the Union Priorities of New Jobs, Stronger Schools and Economic Security are Critical to Nation's Future

DOVER - President Obama's State of the Union Address made clear that education, innovation and investing in job growth are critical to keeping the nation moving forward, Governor Jack Markell said.

“While much of the speech was about innovation - making sure the nation has ready the tools for tomorrow - the challenges we face and the choices we make in this area are rooted in what’s best from our past,” Markell said. “Our nation’s history as a leader in growth economies - defined in turns by agriculture, heavy industry and information technology - did not happen by accident. It required hundreds of thousands of people to make a conscious commitment to keep our nation ahead. The President affirmed that commitment tonight and is clearly leading us forward,” Markell said.

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