Secretary Edwin Kee
Department of Agriculture

Commissioner Robert Coupe
Department of Correction

Director Bernice Whaley
Delaware Economic Development Office

Secretary Dr. Steven Godowsky
Department of Education

Secretary Thomas Cook
Department of Finance

Secretary Rita Landgraf
Department of Health & Social Services

Director Anas Ben Addi
Delaware State Housing Authority

Secretary Patrice Gilliam-Johnson
Department of Labor

Director Brian Maxwell
Office of Management & Budget

Major General Frank Vavala
Delaware National Guard

Secretary David Small
Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control

Secretary Jim Mosley
Department of Safety & Homeland Security

Secretary Carla Benson-Green
Department of Services for Children, Youth & Their Families

Secretary Jeffrey W. Bullock
Department of State

Chief Information Officer James Collins
Department of Technology and Information

Secretary Jennifer Cohan
Department of Transportation